Healing Traditions of the Northwestern Himalayas

Tibetan medicine, Tibetan materia medica, Tibetan traditional plant knowledge.
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Cucurbita maxima Duch. Fr, Sd. Medicinal Intestinal worms ; Edible. Oriens Afr Trop. Fr, Fl.

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Medicinal Diarrhoea ; Edible. Luffa cylindrica M. Ind China. Kali tori. Geront Trop. Medicinal Convulsion, cramps, fever, jaundice, madness, scabies, syphilis, tetanus, snake bite ; Edible. Momordica charantia Linn.

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Amphig Trop. Medicinal Anthelmintic , bile excess, cause vomiting, diabetes, eczema, malaria, oedema , rheumatism, sores ; Edible. Cicer arietinum Linn. Europ Oriens Ind Or. Sd , Wp. Medicinal Jaundice ; Edible, Fodder. Glycine max Merr. Sd , Fr. Medicinal stomach disorder of buffaloes, other cattle ; Edible. Lens culinaris Medik. Masar , Masari. Phaseolus vulgaris Linn. Pisum sativum Linn. Europ As Bor.

Medicinal Antifertility , diabetes ; Edible, Fodder. Vigna mungo Linn. Urd , Mah.

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Reg Trop. Mungi , Moong. Ocimum gratissimum Linn.

1. Introduction

By presenting ethnographic, textual, oral, and historical examples of these encounters, this panel will look at translations of medical ideas and practices in terms of their flow of continuous change and exchange, definitions and redefinitions, as well as negotiations of similarities and differences. The great ranges of central Asia, including the Himalayas, contain the third-largest deposit of ice and snow in the world, after Antarctica and the Arctic. The UV and Fic values around zero 0 , indicates that there is less exchange of indigenous knowledge on medicinal plants among the informants. Gairola, S. For much of Himalayas — that on the south side of the high mountains, except in the furthest west, the most characteristic feature of the climate is the monsoon. Medicinal Eczema, piles, rheumatic pain, whooping cough ; Edible. Family: Asteraceae Erodium cicutarium Leman.

Medicinal Intestinal disorders, gonorrhorea. Medicinal Abortifacient , anasarca , blood purifier, bronchial disorder, chicken pox, cholera, cold, constipation, cooling drink, cough, diarrhoea , dropsy, ear complaints, fever, gastric disorder, headache, intestinal disorder, itching, leprosy, liver complaints, malaria, postnatal complaints, protracted labour , ringworm, snake bite, vomiting, wounds ; Edible, Religious. Linum usitatissimum Linn. Abelmoschus esculentus Moench. Fr, Wp. Medicinal Abortifacient ; Edible, Fodder. Lf, Rt, Fr. Medicinal Tbberculosis ; Edible, Fodder. Musa paradisiaca Linn.

These Cannabis Farmers Carry Out an Ancient Tradition High in the Himalayas

Psidium guajava Linn. Am Trop. Lf, Fr. Avena sativa Linn. Temp Cult. Oryza sativa Linn. Medicinal Antifertility ; Edible, Fodder. Sorghum bicolor Linn. Jowar , Chari. Reg Trop et. Saccharum officinarum Linn. Rig Callid Cult. St, Lf,. Medicinal Gall bladder complaints, constipation ; Edible, Fodder. Triticum aestivum Linn. Kanak , Gehun. Medicinal Soles, of grass Stoes ; Edible, Fodder.

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Zea mays Linn. Makki , Challi. Medicinal Kidney disorder, pneumonia, stomachache, whoop cough ; Edible, Fodder. Capsicum annuum Linn. Pipli , Mirch.

Let's Heal the Himalayas - World Environment Day 2018

Lycopersicum esculentum Mill. Am Austr. Nicotiana tabacum Linn. Medicinal eczema, itch, food poison, haemost , snake bite, toothache, spongy gums, wounds. He shows how Indigenous perspectives can help create a more effective model of best practices in psychology.

Toon meer Toon minder. Recensie s Indigenous Healing Psychology is a fascinating look at the world of psychology as a discipline in need of healing. Katz traces the evolution of his encounters with some of the giants of psychology at Harvard as well as honored Indigenous healers in other cultures. This book is a major contribution to revisioning mainstream psychology by returning it to its fundamental commitments to diversity, cultural meanings, human potential, and social justice.

I know from my own work as a psychologist and counselor that people are searching for precisely what Indigenous Healing Psychology offers. Celebrating diversity in all its myriad manifestations, this is a bold and exhilarating book. He has learned from the elders to do it in the best possible way: by telling stories that illuminate complex concepts and make them relatable and usable.

Garcia, Ph. It teaches all the essentials. Consistent with the experiential focus of the wisdom tradition, Katz does not preach; he tells what he knows experientially. The reader is invited to join him on a personal journey that took him from the lecture halls of Harvard to paths in search of the healing wisdom of the Indigenous peoples. This account of Katz is testimonial to the possibility that doing research in Indigenous psychology is a spiritual journey that can be profoundly fulfilling and transformative for the reader as well.

He exposes the Western myopia that limits the espoused goal of psychology, i. His personal experiences of navigating formal psychology and his subsequent lessons learned from traditional healers point to the ignored facets of spirituality, humanism, culture, and community that cannot be separated from a truly holistic human psychology and healing. He offers the reader a profound challenge that is supported with Indigenous ways of knowing and living.

His long-awaited book is beautifully crafted, clearly written, convincing, and logically organized--complete with a wealth of thought-provoking material written in a confident, authoritative voice. Demers incorporates modern medicine and holistic approaches to health including ayurveda, chinese traditional medicine, herbs, homeopathy, yoga, diet, and lifestyle changes. Carrie E. Demers, MD. Carrie Demers MD, has practiced integrative medicine for 22 years. After earning her medical degree and becoming board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Demers went on to study massage, homeopathy, yoga, meditation, nutrition, herbal medicine, and ayurveda.

Demers sees patients, writes articles, and lectures nationally on integrative medicine. She is board-certified in integrative medicine, and has been the medical director of PureRejuv Wellness Center for the last 20 years. Theresa Oswald, MD. Theresa Oswald, M. She has been board certified in Integrative Medicine for over 10 years. Her experience includes the delivery of medicine in the most modern hospital settings as well as in the most simple, rural settings in developing countries.

Michelle Head, DC. She evaluates the structural, chemical, and mental aspects of health utilizing manual muscle testing. Head lectures on stress management, workplace ergonomics, and headache prevention. After working as a registered nurse, Bill earned a Ph. After a nearly year career teaching in higher education, Bill moved to the Himalayan Institute where he completed hour and hour yoga teacher training programs and currently teaches yoga classes.

At the PureRejuv Wellness Center, Bill combines modern science and ancient yoga wisdom in his work as a certified biofeedback therapist and yoga teacher helping clients build resilience to stress through the practice of self-regulatory techniques. He also sees clients for individual breath training, guided systematic relaxation, and meditation sessions. Judy Moulton. Having experienced the immense transformative power of yoga directly, she relies on her own personal practice of yoga and ayurveda to support her daily life and is dedicated to helping others to do the same.

Nema Nyar, LMT.